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Summer 2013 Bucket List

Summer 2013 Bucket List

I am a big blog follower.  I will go weeks without reading, but there are certain blogs I always check in with.  One of these is the Happy Family Movement http://thehappyfamilymovement.com. This blog is a Kansas City area photographer that encourages families to find their happiness and experience joy together.  One of my favorite features of this movement is the summer bucket list.  They encourage you to sit down as a family and come up with a list of activities that you want to experience as a family over the summer.  Not a to do list, but more like a guide or wish list.  Ideas are as simple as buy ice cream from an ice cream truck, to as specific as visiting a specific locale.
            Over the weekend, my family came up with our list.  Very easy, breezy, but a great way to get excited about the summer.  Here is our list:
1)   Host a cookout
2)   Make new friends
3)   Visit a farm
4)   Visit a carnival
5)   Beach days
6)   Pool days
7)   Buy ice cream from the ice cream truck
8)   Attend gymnastics classes
9)   Day trip to Montauk
10)   Ride the Greenport Carousel
11)  Two week vacation to Bethany Beach
12)  Visit the Long Island Railroad Museum
13) Participate in a Long Island Steamers Public Run
14)   Attend a parade
15)  Try out a new playground
16)  Aquarium visits
17) Library visits
18)  Eat outside as much as possible
19)  Farmers Market trips
20) Attend an outdoor concert

I love, love, love planning, but also have a lot going on in my mind, LOL we all do.  So, I knew I needed to make my list as visually prominent as possible.  Here is how we chose to display our list. 

This is not another way to feel behind, or not as good.  While, I am a huge planner, and a believer that a failure to plan is a plan for failure, I also think it is important to know that when kids are involved there is no guarantee of success. We plan amazing experiences that don’t always go as we imagined.  So, that is why I think these “bucket list” items from Lisa-Jo Baker, from www.lisajobaker.com, should go hand in hand with your 2013 Bucket List.

1.I shall not judge my house, my kid’s summer activities or my crafting skills by Pinterest’s standards.
2.I shall not measure what I’ve accomplished today by the loads of unfolded laundry but by the assurance of deep love I’ve tickled into my kids
3.   I shall say “yes” to blanket forts and see past the chaos to the memories we’re building.
4.  I shall surprise my kids with trips to get ice cream when they’re already in their pajamas.
5.  I shall not compare myself to other mothers, but find my identity in the God who trusted me with these kids in the first place and calls me mighty.
6.  I shall remember that a messy house at peace is better than an immaculate house tied up in knots.
7.  I shall play music loudly and teach my kids the joy of wildly uncoordinated dance.
8.   I shall remind myself that perfect is simply a street sign at the intersection of impossible and frustration in Never Never land.
9.   I shall embrace the fact that in becoming a mom I traded perfect for a house full of real.
10.   I shall promise to love this body that bore these three children – out loud, especially in front of my daughter.
11.I shall give my other mother friends the gift of guilt-free friendship.
12.  I shall do my best to admit to my people my “unfine” moments.
13. I shall say “sorry” when sorry is necessary.
14. I pray God I shall never be too proud, angry or stubborn to ask for my children’s forgiveness.
15. I shall make space in my grown up world for goofball moments with my kids.
16. I shall love their father and make sure they know I love him.
17.   I shall model kind words – to kids and grown-ups alike.
18.  I shall not be intimidated by the inside of my minivan – this season of chip bags, goldfish crackers and discarded socks too shall pass.
19.   I shall always make time to encourage new moms.
20.  I shall not resent that last call for kisses and cups of water but remember instead that when I blink they’ll all be in college.

If you are looking for more bucket list inspiration, please check out the challenge at The Happy Family Movement http://thehappyfamilymovement.com/2013-summer-bucket-list-challenge/.

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