Thursday, May 30, 2013

U-Pick Strawberries

It’s almost strawberry picking time!  We are so lucky to live an area, where we have such easy access to such amazing foods, strawberries being one of them.  Farmers are reporting a slight delay in crops this year, but expect to be ready by mid-June.  Please call ahead before heading out though to double check on availability.  Here are some great, local options:

Lewin Farms
812 Sound Avenue, Wading River

Patty’s Berries and Bunches
410 Sound Avenue, Mattituck, directly across the street from Harbes Family Farm.  This could be a great day trip!
9:00am -5:30pm

Golden Earthworm Organic Farm
652 Peconic Bay Boulevard, Riverhead
Fridays and Saturdays only

Top Weekend Picks for May 31st-June 2nd

Top Weekend Picks for May 31st-June 2nd

Happy Thursday!  It is almost the weekend, so I’m making my top weekend picks.  These picks are picks that appeal to my working mom schedule, and my interests.  They may not be yours, so please check out all of our local events on the blog.  It is going to be a hot weekend!  Please make sure you get those kids coated in sunscreen and hats, you too moms!  Rather than pack your weekend full, this weather calls for baby pools and cool drinks:)

All Weekend:
·      East End farmer’s markets are up and running!!! This hot weather calls for lots of fresh produce, so check out East Hampton, Hayground, Sag Harbor, Westhampton Beach, or Southampton this weekend!

·      It’s going to be a hot one!  Enjoy our local beaches, see, and our local outdoor eating establishments.  Let us know your favorite beaches and outdoor restaurants.

Saturday, June 1st:
·      10:00 am-3:00pm- Phillips Avenue Community Festival.  This looks so great!  My son loves dancing to music, so I’m excited to see Brady Rymer perform.  There will also be BMX stunt riders, and kids can bring their bikes for a bike rodeo.  And of course, traditional fair foods, games, and rides.  The event costs $3 and is free for kids 2 and under and all Phillips Avenue students.  Phillips Avenue School is located at 141 Phillips Avenue in Flanders.

·      10:30 am- Beach Scavenger Hunt in East Hampton led by South Fork Natural History Museum educators.  This is for ages 3-5, and a great way for your preschooler to learn more about their local ecosystem.  Please call 631-537-9735 as reservations are necessary.

·      12:00- Speech, Language, and Hearing Milestones- Join Peconic Pediatrics to learn more about your child’s development.  A licensed speech-language pathologist will share what is typical for your child’s development, how to talk with your child, simple strategies to apply with your child, and how to learn more about and pursue speech therapy.  This event is open to everyone, regardless if Peconic Peds are your doctors.  Just drop in to learn more!

·      2:00- Storytime Yoga at Kamaveda Kids- Kid’s yoga open to strong walkers up to age 6.  The stretches and poses are thematic based on a children’s book.  Kamaveda is located  at 15 Lumber Lane, 2A in East Hampton.

Sunday, June 2nd:
·      Hamptons Collegiate Baseball Season begins!  My husband loves all sports, and is dying to take our son to a baseball game.  I’m not sure JJ is ready for the prime time, even a minor league game, so the Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League is great for us.  He gets to watch a game, be close to home, and run around too!  Plus, no ridiculously expensive tickets and concessions.  Games start this Sunday.  On Sunday at 5:00pm, you can see the North Fork Ospreys play the Riverhead Tomcats at Riverhead High School, the Westhampton Aviators play the Southampton Breakers at Stony Brook Southampton, or the Shelter Island Bucks play the Sag Harbor Whalers at Mashashimuet Park.  I’m thinking Mashahsimuet as that will give JJ the most room to playJ  Look for a post about Hamptons Collegiate Baseball soon and check out their website here

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ring Around the Rosie, Namaste, and the Unstoppable Miss Mary

       When people think about Wednesday the term “hump day” usually comes to mind; the day marking the midpoint of a long work week.  However in my house, Wednesday is Henry’s favorite day of the week.  For nearly a year and a half we’ve trekked out in snow and rain storms, and even passed up the park or beach on a sunny day to go to the Quogue Library at 11:00 am for Miss Mary’s Grow with Me: Mommy & Me Yoga Class
          Miss Mary is something of a celebrity in my house and not just for Henry.  Her kind nature, love of yoga, and teaching techniques are just a few of the things that make her yoga class so popular among children and adults.  Grow With Me: Mommy & Me Yoga follows a familiar structure that is balanced by changing weekly books, their stories dictating what yoga moves the children- and their caregivers- will do.  What makes this class so unique and special is that the adults are able to participate and complete a nice basic yoga workout.  All the moves that a beginner yogi is familiar with are performed.  From “downward dog” to “cat-cow,” Miss Mary understands mommy’s busy schedules (after all she’s a busy mommy herself) and allows them to squeeze in a great workout midweek as well. 
          As if the yoga aspect wasn’t enough, Miss Mary incorporates music and dance as well, which brings us to Henry’s favorite parts of the class.  Somewhere towards the middle of the class, or whenever her weekly book mentions a fish or swimming, Miss Mary will cue up “The Goldfish” by the Laurie Berkner Band on her iPod.  Listening to this song on iTunes or YouTube does not do it justice.  One needs to experience this song in the program room at the Quogue Library to fully appreciate it.  The children, and adults, have so much fun swimming, brushing their teeth, and riding bikes that the disappointment with the song’s conclusion would be unbearable if not for freeze dance that is usually played right after.  Henry’s other favorite part of the class takes place towards the end when we all play two rounds of “Ring Around the Rosie.”  He loves this so much that I’ve caught him playing it with his stuffed Elmo in his play room and singing the song to himself in the car.  Again, this class is so much more than just yoga, and it’s something not to be missed if you are raising a toddler on the east end.

Ashley and Henry May 2012 learning yoga

Practicing their balancing skills

Playing with "puffs" while Miss Mary proudly looks on

          Now that I’ve said all that, I should mention that the spring session is almost over, with only two weeks left.  The program is advertised for children ages 1-4 (however Henry started going when he was closer to 8 months at the encouragement of Miss Mary and Miss Marilyn, the Children’s Librarian) and you do not have to be a Quogue Resident o participate.  Yet, if any of what I have described appeals to you, and it should, and you are interested in more of Miss Mary then there are a few options.
-Continue to check the Quogue Library Website ( over the summer.  The newsletter is always posted which will mention new start up dates.  Like I mentioned this library is unique in that it allows residents from surrounding towns to enjoy their programs.  The library itself is very welcoming and all librarians are warm and friendly, so plan on staying to play for a bit after the class. 
-Contact your hometown library suggesting Miss Mary’s class.  I’ve already mentioned Miss Mary’s program to the children’s librarians at the Hampton Bays Library, but perhaps with more mentions of interest, this is something that could be hosted there.

-If your children are a little older and you don’t mind travelling to the north fork, then definitely consider her Yoga Camp:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dog Days

On a muggy morning in May before we started using our air conditioning I smelled reminders of Jasmine, our 6 year old pug. And it reminds me that she needs a bath, and I need to clean the house AGAIN. Just what a mother needs; more work. This article is being written for any mothers who can commiserate about being a dog owner while raising young children or for anyone who is debating bringing a dog into their young family.

A brief memoir, if you will, of our life with a dog. Although it is honest and I will tell you all the horrors, you will be able to see the joys that our dog has brought us. But although there were so many reasons I swore I was donating her over the last two years, I am so glad we didn’t.

I am always surprised about the number of young families that have a dog. I know it isn’t a rarity, like owning a chimpanzee, but having a dog is a lot. Having company over or the random knock on the door ends up being acts of strategy to get the dog put away before someone gets jumped on, or your child’s play date gets knocked down. If anyone has ever had to look for their runaway dog with an infant or toddler in tow, you know the thoughts that run through your head!

And the added expense of being a dog owner is a lot. Since becoming parents, my husband and I tend to be ostriches, putting our heads in the sand when we notice our pug scratching her ear, limping, or goo coming out of her eye, because we know the vet bill will add up fast. And the last time we paid someone to watch out dog while we vacationed, we realized we could have sent her to Hawaii to learn to surf.

Anyone that owns a dog, knows the sheer rage that comes over you, when their barking threatens to wake your child. A squirrel or bird outside, the neighbors unpacking groceries across the street, or a jogger passing by can end a coveted nap and ruin your life, or at least your afternoon.

There is a slight jealousy I have for families without a dog. I think how much less they have to clean, less money spent, less stress with company, less money they have to spend, and how overall easier their life is while raising kids. But like many dog owners, I loved our dog long before I was a mom.

But it wasn’t too long ago, six years to exact that we brought home this precious little puppy, and started our family. I had grown up with a pug and knew I wanted to get one. We stopped by and looked at pug puppies at a breeders house on the way home from our honeymoon. The litter was 8 weeks old, and we would be able to take our baby home in less than a month. We bought the equipment that we would need for a puppy, and discussed names for our darling little girl.

Having just come back from Disney world, we decided to give her the name of Disney character. We chose Jasmine because of the catchy little nickname we could create; “Jazzy.” My husband picked her up while I was at work, and when I walked in the house, I couldn’t believe how little she was. She was not even six pounds, and the toys we bought for her were the same size or bigger.

My husband did a lot of the training, and took to the dog so much better than I had thought because it was me who wanted to get the dog. It made me happy to see how good he was with her, and that maybe these qualities would be present in fatherhood one day. She slept in bed with us, which was not my idea, but became normal after a while. One night I woke up to my husband jumping over me, because he didn’t want to disturb our sleeping beauty pushing up against his back for warmth and snoring.

I met a few people in my town that had pugs and started having play dates. I could tell how eager I was for motherhood by the way I carried myself as a dog owner. I even entered her in a dog costume contest, and she won, getting her picture in the Southampton Press. She had a great few years of time attention. I wouldn’t call her life bad or say that she was neglected by any means, but it is impossible to do the things we did with her.

The hardest years for us and jasmine were my daughter’s first eighteen months. I had visions of walking our daughter in the stroller and taking Jasmine along, only to find out that it was dangerous because she twisted around my legs so many times, I almost fell down. And as our daughter was learning to walk, she would get knocked down repeatedly by the dog who wanted lick her face because there was food on it. One time I saw my daughter chewing on what I thought was a teething ring, until I looked closer and noticed it was a doggy chew toy. And most of our daughter’s toys had dog slobber on them, and I stopped even differentiating between baby toys versus dog toys because they became interchangeable.

I can’t say it was good times. My husband never seemed to have the same frustration with the dog as me, maybe because he wasn’t seeing the dilemmas she would cause. He thought I was overreacting, and was just being mean.

I lost my patience with our dog. I would tell people she was going on Craigslist to anyone that wanted her, and was only half kidding. I even asked my parents and sister if they wanted to adopt her, thinking that she would at least stay in the family. I was truly overwhelmed with the responsibilities of new motherhood with a dog. I had concerns about our dog possibly hurting our daughter, but luckily that never happened.

As our daughter got older, things got easier. I saw the joy that our dog brought to our little girl. I also was able to realize just how good of a dog we had, as she never once nipped at our daughter, despite being provoked. Our dog loved our baby, and wanted to love her and protect her the same way that we did.

One incident in particular, opened my eyes to the fact that we should change our dog’s name to Saint Jasmine. One day we noticed that there was something wrong with her. She wasn’t eating, and she was walking sideways, and her body seemed overall stiff. I thought it could be something neurological. Upon bringing her to the vet, my husband found out that she had a sprained neck from our two year old hanging on her and hugging her so tight. She came home with a neck brace and an assortment of pain meds and muscle relaxers for dogs.

We couldn’t believe that despite needing pain management after being significantly injured by our daughter, our dog never snapped. We realized that it wasn’t that we needed to protect our daughter from the dog, but the other way around. We started disciplining our daughter when she would grab the dog. We taught her about being gentle and making nice.

We made sure to give her plenty of belly scratches and ear rubs that night after our daughter went to bed. My husband, our dog and I snuggled on the couch. We remembered when it was just the three of us. We thought about how much time had passed since we became a family, the day we picked her up on the way back from our honeymoon, and how tiny she was.

I cannot say I am sure I would introduce a dog into my family, had I already had kids to take care of. The years that it was just our dog and us, were precious, and she was able to get the attention she needed to be trained and have her needs met. The responsibilities are great in dog ownership, make no mistake about that. But since she was our original baby, she will always have a place in our hearts and our home.

At almost six years old, our dog’s life is about half over. I am so glad that we worked through the rough patch as I became a mom. I will make sure that her second half is as good, if not better than the first, as she has proven to deserve the best.

Summer 2013 Beach Information- It's Time!!!!!

Beach season is starting, and it’s time to get these beach stickers.  Here is some information about local beaches, and how to obtain passes for them. 

State Park Beaches: The East End is home to one state park beach in Montauk. Hither Hills. 
Hither Hills is open year round, 7 days a week with swimming allowed 10-6, 5/28 -9/9.   It is located at 164 Old Montauk Highway, Montauk.  It costs $10 per car for a daily pass; a season pass is called the Empire Passport and is $65.

Suffolk County Beaches:  We also have 4 beaches in our area managed by Suffolk County:
Shinnecock East (Southampton) 
Cupsogue Beach (Westhampton)
Meschutt Beach County Park (Hampton Bays)
A resident Green Key can be obtained at these parks for $24.  This provides reduced admission.

Southampton Town Beaches
The town of Southampton manages both ocean and bay beaches throughout the town.  Residents may purchase beach stickers at either Town Hall in Southampton or the Parks and Recreation office in Hampton Bays.  Stickers are $30 for either property owners or year round renters and $300 for a summer visitor.  Day passes can be purchased at Tiana, Ponquogue, Long Beach, Mecox Beach, Pike’s Beach, and Sagg Main (weekdays only.)

Ponquogue Beach (Hampton Bays)
Tiana Beach (Hampton Bays)
Flying Point Beach (Southampton)
Long Beach (Noyac)
Emma Rose Elliston Park (Sag Harbor)
Sagg Main Beach (Sagaponack)
W. Scott Cameron ( Bridgehampton)
Mecox Beach (Bridgehampton)
Pike’s Beach (Westhampton Dunes)

Southampton Village Beaches:  Southampton Village also manages beaches.  Property owners and year round renters may receive a village beach sticker for free.  $225.  For summer visitors, stickers are $350.
Coopers Beach
Old Town
Little Plains
Gin Lane
Halsey Neck Lane
Dune Beach 

The village of Quogue also maintains a beach.  A resident beach sticker is $90 and a seasonal renter sticker is $240. 
The village of Sag Harbor maintains Haven’s Beach.  Stickers are available to both village residents and nonresidents at the beach or at the Municipal Building on Main Street.
The village of Westhampton Beach maintains Rogers Beach.  Residents of the village may receive a free beach sticker at the beach whenever it is open.  Residents of Westhampton, Quiogue, Remsenburg, and Speonk may obtain a sticker for $425.    This is also the price for summer renters.

East Hampton Town Beaches:  East Hampton town manages beaches in East Hampton, Wainscott, Amagansett, Springs, and Montauk.
Stickers are free to town residents. 
Big Albert’s Landing Beach (Amagansett)
Atlantic Avenue Beach (Amagansett)
Barns Hole (Amagansett)
Indian Wells Beach (Amagansett)
Fresh Pond (Amagansett)
Little Albert’s Landing Beach (Amagansett)
Lazy Point (Amagansett)
Alewive Brook Landing (East Hampton)
Mile Hill (East Hampton)
Old House Landing Road (East Hampton)
Sammy’s Beach (East Hampton)
Beach Lane (Wainscott)
Town Line (Wainscott)
Culloden Point (Montauk)
Ditch Plains Beach (Montauk)
Gin Beach (Montauk)
Edison Beach (Montauk)
Fort Pond Bay (Montauk)
Hither Woods (Montauk)
Kirk Park Beach (Montauk)
South Lake Beach (Montauk)
West Lake Drive (Montauk)
Gerard Drive Park (Springs)
Maidstone Park (Springs)
Louse Point (Springs)
Flaggy Hole (Springs)

East Hampton Village Beaches:  East Hampton Village maintains 5 beaches. 
Main Beach
Georgica Beach
Two Mile Hollow Beach
Wiborg Beach
Egypt Beach
2013 beach stickers are already sold out.  At Main Beach and Two Mile Hollow Beach, you can pay a daily rate of $25 during the week.  On the weekends and holidays, only 40 daily passes will be sold.

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BOCA Burger -$3.99

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Edy's Ice Cream - $2.50

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Monday, May 27, 2013

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