Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Showing Gratitude

The Friday before Mother's Day is National Provider Appreciation Day ( .)  Coming on the heels of Teacher Appreciation Day, it is a day to honor our daycare providers, nannies, and babysitters.  My care provider is a good friend, and the quality of life I have would not be possible without her.  While at work, I can focus on my job because I know that she is caring for my son, JJ, as if he was her own child.  To celebrate her today, I am going to send in a bottle of wine that she hopefully can enjoy this weekend, along with a homemade card made by my son.  Knowing that I also had to make cards for my mother and mother in law, I decided to kill three birds with one stone so to speak.  My parents had purchased my son an easel at a yard sale.  It's the Melissa and Doug easel seen here.
  Both sides, the white board and chalk board, were pretty destroyed with marker.  I repainted the chalkboard side with chalkboard paint, which has worked very well for us.  On the white board side,  I decided to use roll paper. (

 This has worked great because my son can use both paint and crayons on this paper.  The crayons that we prefer are seen here.
 These crayons help with toddler grip, and have a cool case too.  So anyway, last Saturday, I clipped up some paper and had him color with his crayons.  Coloring is also the time we practice our colors.  JJ colored all over the paper.  It was a large enough picture that I was able to cut it into three decent sized cards.  I will write a message in them, and they are the cards for daycare and moms.  Teachers, babysitters, and especially grand moms love handmade gifts, so have fun with them!

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