Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ring Around the Rosie, Namaste, and the Unstoppable Miss Mary

       When people think about Wednesday the term “hump day” usually comes to mind; the day marking the midpoint of a long work week.  However in my house, Wednesday is Henry’s favorite day of the week.  For nearly a year and a half we’ve trekked out in snow and rain storms, and even passed up the park or beach on a sunny day to go to the Quogue Library at 11:00 am for Miss Mary’s Grow with Me: Mommy & Me Yoga Class
          Miss Mary is something of a celebrity in my house and not just for Henry.  Her kind nature, love of yoga, and teaching techniques are just a few of the things that make her yoga class so popular among children and adults.  Grow With Me: Mommy & Me Yoga follows a familiar structure that is balanced by changing weekly books, their stories dictating what yoga moves the children- and their caregivers- will do.  What makes this class so unique and special is that the adults are able to participate and complete a nice basic yoga workout.  All the moves that a beginner yogi is familiar with are performed.  From “downward dog” to “cat-cow,” Miss Mary understands mommy’s busy schedules (after all she’s a busy mommy herself) and allows them to squeeze in a great workout midweek as well. 
          As if the yoga aspect wasn’t enough, Miss Mary incorporates music and dance as well, which brings us to Henry’s favorite parts of the class.  Somewhere towards the middle of the class, or whenever her weekly book mentions a fish or swimming, Miss Mary will cue up “The Goldfish” by the Laurie Berkner Band on her iPod.  Listening to this song on iTunes or YouTube does not do it justice.  One needs to experience this song in the program room at the Quogue Library to fully appreciate it.  The children, and adults, have so much fun swimming, brushing their teeth, and riding bikes that the disappointment with the song’s conclusion would be unbearable if not for freeze dance that is usually played right after.  Henry’s other favorite part of the class takes place towards the end when we all play two rounds of “Ring Around the Rosie.”  He loves this so much that I’ve caught him playing it with his stuffed Elmo in his play room and singing the song to himself in the car.  Again, this class is so much more than just yoga, and it’s something not to be missed if you are raising a toddler on the east end.

Ashley and Henry May 2012 learning yoga

Practicing their balancing skills

Playing with "puffs" while Miss Mary proudly looks on

          Now that I’ve said all that, I should mention that the spring session is almost over, with only two weeks left.  The program is advertised for children ages 1-4 (however Henry started going when he was closer to 8 months at the encouragement of Miss Mary and Miss Marilyn, the Children’s Librarian) and you do not have to be a Quogue Resident o participate.  Yet, if any of what I have described appeals to you, and it should, and you are interested in more of Miss Mary then there are a few options.
-Continue to check the Quogue Library Website ( over the summer.  The newsletter is always posted which will mention new start up dates.  Like I mentioned this library is unique in that it allows residents from surrounding towns to enjoy their programs.  The library itself is very welcoming and all librarians are warm and friendly, so plan on staying to play for a bit after the class. 
-Contact your hometown library suggesting Miss Mary’s class.  I’ve already mentioned Miss Mary’s program to the children’s librarians at the Hampton Bays Library, but perhaps with more mentions of interest, this is something that could be hosted there.

-If your children are a little older and you don’t mind travelling to the north fork, then definitely consider her Yoga Camp:

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