Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Signs by the Bay review and special offer

 I’ve always been a “words matter” person.  I’m one of those weirdos that doesn’t like a song, unless I like the words.  A fun beat doesn’t do it for me, I need to believe in the message.  This is why I completely jumped on the typography sign bandwagon.  I love how these signs are used as art work, and décor, yet still convey messages I believe in.  Luckily for me, I found Signs by the Bay to fuel my addiction.  The owner of Signs bythe Bay, Jenn Miller, is an artist, a toddler mom, super craftswomen, a blogger, and a great friend.  Jenn’s signs are beautiful and unique to the customer.  They not only add a decorative touch, but are a conversation piece, back to that words matter part, lol.  Here are the signs Jenn has made for me. 
In JJ’s bedroom

In the reading nook of our playroom- So cute!!!

In my kitchen- I love each of these “rules.”  This is how I strive to raise our family.

How can you not love this message?  It reminds me of Peter Reynold’s book The Dot( a must read) and so true! This was is a temporary location. I’m still thinking about how to display his art work.  Any ideas?

These are more examples of Jenn’s work that I love, and hope to soon make mineJ

I love the quality and the uniqueness, but I also love how Jenn will customize any piece for you.  The color, the size, shape, the words, etc.  She will make the words matter to you!
Here is the special offer part!!!!!!As a special incentive to all The East End Mommy readers, Jenn is offering a 15% discount on any of her products.  Just use the code TheEastEndMommy when checking out!!!!
You can order here!!!

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