Tuesday, March 4, 2014

     Taking Care of Mommy Too: Stroller Bootcamp

     Winter is rough in the Hamptons, even rougher if you have small children.  I, along with tons of other mommies, have been working hard this season to keep my toddler entertained and busy (fortunately for me my other boy is only a few months old and is much easier to please). 
     There's several library programs to stimulate the growing brain, our current favorite being Kidapalooza at the Hampton Library in Bridgehampton (http://www.hamptonlibrary.org/images/pdf-docs/newsletter.pdf). Then there's Mommy and Me gymnastics on Wednesday mornings at Hampton Gymnastics East (http://hamptongymnasticseast.com/) followed by Intro to Dance (www.southamptontownny.gov 728-8525) with Miss Gail on Thursday afternoons for a physical challenge .  Finally my toddler gets a combinatuion workout on Friday mornings during Zumbini with Jenn (an East End Mother-https://www.facebook.com/zumbinimomma), a completely unique class that we both have a blast at, singing, rhyming, and dancing.
    Now there's a NEW class that is perfect for my boys AND me.  At 9:30 am Monday and Wednesday Laura Connolly brings "Stroller Boot Camp" to SYS.  Laura Connolly, is a personal trainer and yoga instructor, who has been providing her services throughout Long Island for the past ten years. Her expertise is working with young mothers who would like to reach their fitness goals in a healthy and safe environment, both by themselves as well as with their children in strollers. Laura is so down to earth and hands on-literally, she can often be seen scooping up and soothing an infant so that its mother can complete the set that Laura carefully counts out. The class includes elements of kickboxing, Pilates, and-as the title would suggest- relentless military style exercises, even bur-pies sneak their way in! Laura doesn't skip a beat during her intense workout, making myself, and everyone else feel completely grateful for having dragged ourselves and kids out for a much needed winter workout.
So do yourself a favor and come try out Laura's class. Bring the kids, most ages work. Last class there was a range in ages from 7 weeks to 3 years old. All the kids survived and most of the mommies did too! You can sign up and commit to several weeks of the class or try one class out by paying the drop in fee. Call SYS to find out more (287-1511). Hope to see you and the kids there!

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