Friday, September 27, 2013

Exploring with Apples

We are so lucky to live in an area with such amazing resources.  The fact that my son, at almost 2, understands that apples come from trees, not grocery stores, seems simple, but is so exciting to me because it is due to our local environment, and the oppotunities it provides for us.  JJ loves apples, so I decided to do a mini- apple unit this September.

First, we went to the library and borrowed books with an apple theme.  We chose Apple by Gail GibbonsTen Apples Up on Top by Dr. SeussCurious George Apple Harvest, and Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins.  Ten Red Apples was the hit, and we read it over and over:)

Second, we used apples to make apple prints.  This is very easy we just had to cut an apple in half, stamp half in red, half in green, and JJ stamped them on paper.  He named his artwork "It's Green, It's Red, It's Apple."

JJ was also lucky enough to do apple stamping with his babysitter and best friend.  They do so many fun activities and I enjoy seeing his masterpieces.

Now that JJ was an expert with apples, LOL, I wanted him to see how and where apples grow.  My parents were in town, and we decided to take him apple picking at Seven Ponds Orchard.  He loved it! He was pulling them from the trees, they have dwarf trees there, bagging them, and tasting his crop.  Lots of fun!

Th next day, while I was at work, JJ made both apple sauce and apple pie with my parents.  It was fun for him to see how the apples come from trees, and can be made into new things.

Finally, we wrapped with a fun activity we saw on Pinterest.  I taped some contact paper on our glass door, sticky side up.  This wasn't as easy as Pinterest made it seem.  We drew a tree on it, and JJ used red pom poms to put "apples" on his tree.  I plan on doing the same with vines and orange pompoms for pumpkins.  Lots of fun and pretty easy.

JJ and I had fun working with apples this month.  As a working mother, I love finding these little simple ways for us to learn together.  Looking forward to a pumpkin study in October.  

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